Preliminary Considerations

We call user every person navigating on the website here simply named as The Website. Editor means the “Website owner”, this corresponds to and it is identified in the legal notice.

The cookies used in the user’s browser were installed prior authorisation.

It is possible to revoke the authorisation in any moment without any impediment.

For this reason, it is possible to visualise the Section for the deactivation or elimination of cookies as you can see in the present provisions. The Editor is free to make all modifications that he considers relevant to the website.

For this reason, it is possible to add sections, functions or any other element that can generate the use of new cookies. Indeed, we advise the user to check the cookies policy every time he accesses to the Website in order to get updates on the new eventual modifications that could have occurred from the last navigation on.

Cookies functions and definition

Cookies are pieces of stored information in the user’s browser on a website that could check his previous activity and remember some data for his imminent visit.

They can be also called web beacons, pixels, bugs, trackers, but in the present provisions they will be referred to as cookies.

Generally, among their functions cookies store technical data, use statistics, profile personalisation, social networks links, personal preferences management, in order to adapt the website to the user’s configurations and needs thus improving the navigation experience, the lack of cookies can hinder the service that the website offers. We are not talking about viruses, spam, trojans, worms, spyware or static commercial or pop-ups on the web page.

The information that they store are referred to the browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and not to the user’s himself. If you want to check this, you need to insert the same Web domain and store it into two different browsers and you will see, that it is possible to configure different preferences in each one of them.

Different types of cookies according to the managing entity Cookies can be:

1. Of the owner: when they are managed by the website editor; they are sent to the owner’s terminal device by a computer or domain that is managed by the editor and from which the required service is provided.

2. Of third parties: when they are managed by a natural or legal person that is different from the editor.

The present website uses own and third parties’ cookies as well.

Cookies types on the basis of their scope According to their function cookies can be:

1. Technical: they enable the operational management of the website, so that the user can navigate in it without issues. They can help to check communication of data traffic, identify the session, access to parties with limited access, remind elements that compose an order, execute an acquisition process of a product or service, manage a payment, check frauds, enable the request of registration or participation to an event, use safety elements during navigation, archive contents for the widespread of videos or sound, enable dynamic contents (ex: animation of a text or image down/uploading) or share contents through social networks, and other functions.

2. Preferences or personalisation: these are the ones that enable the user to remember information for the website navigation with determined personalised functions as language or the number of results to be visualised when the user provides for a search, the website aspect or content according to the type of user’s browser or among other things, according to the background colours, of the profile image etc.

3. Analysis or measurement: they enable monitoring and behaviour analysis of the website users and of property cookies of the website manager, for example, the time spent on a specific page, the hours and the days of more traffic.

4. Behaviour-based Publicity: these are the cookies that memorise information on the user’s behaviour obtained through continuous observation of their navigation habits, that enable to develop the activity on a specific profile to show publicity based on it. The intention here is to visualise pertinent commercials that can be attractive for the user.

5. Publicity: These are the ones that enable the management of publicity spaces of the website in the most effective way, on the basis of criteria as the modified content or the frequency of the commercial visualisation.

The present website uses technical, personalisation, analysis, publicity and behavioural cookies. Some cookies can be versatile, i.e., they can provide for 2 or more functions.

Types of cookies on the basis of their duration:

According to the period of time in which they remain activated on the terminal device, cookies can be:

a) Session-driven: they are a sort of cookies that are designed to collect and memorise data while the user enters a website.

Normally they are used to store information to be only preserved for providing a service that is required by the owner in a single occasion and they disappear at the end of the session.

For instance: a list of chosen products or a selection of pictures, etc.   

B) Persistent: these are cookies that are still memorised inside the terminal and remain accessible and are processed for a period that is defined by the responsible of the cookies and that can change from a couple of minutes to several years.

Consequences of cookies destabilization

For example, the possible effects of the authorisation to the cookies use that can be the following: The chosen products inside the store will not be charged, i.e., a shopping cart will not be created, and the final purchase will not occur.

You will not have access to the customers’ area, to the personal area or any other place that needs a confirm The necessary data to analyse the website will not be collected, by preventing the editor to improve You will not have the chance to share contents of the website on social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. You will not comment the blog You will not have the chance to use any social network, since they all use cookies to provide you a service. Publicity of third parties could not be visualised, reducing incomes for all using this modality.

On some sites of web domains your navigation can be considered as spam because it is not identified. Other.

This list is to be considered as an example and not limited to the listed items.

If you have eliminated cookies and wish to navigate again on this website, you have to accept cookies again.

The cookies used in this website

This website uses the following cookies: technical, personalisation, analytical, behaviour-based publicity.

Here we can see the cookies that are used by this website, indeed because of the technical issues that this can provoke, it is not possible to visualize with precision the cookies used by third parties, indeed all efforts were provided to guarantee all necessary information to the user.







Stores the user's cookie consent status for the current domain

20 days


Cookies disabling or elimination

The user has the right to refuse cookies in any moment and he can disable or eliminate them, with the exception of the necessary ones for the website functioning.

The user can erase and/or block cookies, for any navigation that is provided or for a particular web domain.

This setting must be provided in any browser or if it is provided in a browser and not in the rest of the device, we assume that in the rest the use of cookies is accepted.

The Editor cannot provide for this action from the user’s side.

He must provide for it in a responsible and dedicated way in every browser and/or device that he needs.

Since every browser has different settings, the user must check every one of them to see the particular case.

This section is referred to the most common ones, indeed they can be different according to the browser or operational system updates.

The user must always check the usage manuals of his own browser, this guideline is only provided as indication.

Chrome: go to MENU – Settings (on Mac: Preferences) – Advanced Settings - Privacy – here you choose if you want to set the cookies or eliminate the existing cookies. For further information, check the Chrome guide. (if you wish, it is possible to shorten it or create a hypertext shortcut, the same in others)

Internet Explorer: go to Tools – Internet Options - Privacy - Privacy - Settings – Advanced options. Configurate what you wish. For more information, check the help section:

Firefox: go to menu - Preferences - Privacy - Show cookies – Set on the basis of what you wish.

For more information, check the help section

Safari: Safari - Preferences - Privacy – Create the wished information. For more information, visit the Apple guide:

Cookies alerts The Editor is not responsible for the technical issues that the user can see on the website or inside his browser for having incorrectly managed the deactivation or the cancellation of cookies, in any moment the user must verify the information on their deactivation or cancelation in the hep section of the browser and so to bear the here related responsibilities.

In any moment, the user will be ready to communicate with the Editor via mail.

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